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A Non Stop Riot of Energy and Music.          
The Villains bring to life on stage your favourite Villains, including, The Riddler, Captain Jack Sparrow, The Joker, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Beetlejuice, Hannibal Lecter and Frankenstein. Visually spectacular, they take their audience on a mesmerising journey through the 80’s and beyond. 

The Band prides itself on its professionalism and Villainising fantastic songs that everyone loves.From Depeche Mode, Devo, Simple Minds to Frankie goes to Hollywood and many more,

The Villains will have everyone up on the dance floor from the time they take to the stage. Thrilling generations of audiences with its exhilarating blend of mayhem and madness,

The Villains have built up a huge following over the 6 years they have been performing.With dozens of sell out shows in and around the Illawarra, their fan base continues to grow

The Villains are ready to unleash a new reign of terror on their fans. With all your favourite songs and a few new songs, come and join your favourite Villains at a venue near you. 


Cruise is now half sold out !!!
Call Troy today for tickets - 0414 807203



Sydney Harbour Cruise
May 21st
11.35am - 3.45pm

Cruise is now half sold out !!! Tickets are only $45 per person !!
Call Troy today for tickets
0414 807203


The Villains are heading into the studio in July to record another Cd "Shout to the Top"this CD will have Catwoman



Saturday May 14th
Greenwell Point Bowling Club


Friday June 24th
Heathcote Hotel